Little Dragons

Little Dragons class teaches young children martial arts.


Impact Martial Arts helps children learn the 6 tenets of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, indomitable spirit, and victory.

Our Little Dragons class is designed specifically to teach young children martial arts (4-6 year olds).  Class focuses on teaching SOCIAL skills through basic martial arts & karate techniques. During a 30-minute class, children gain motor-skill development and a sense of confidence within our playful and positive class format. We help children develop a healthy mind and body while having fun. For older children (6-11) check out our kids page.


Physical Benefitsyoung children martial arts preschool


There are many physical benefits for young children in martial arts. Balance is one of the biggest issues for young children. It just takes practice. Kicking helps to develop balance as kids have to stand on one foot and move. We also play many balance games, so the kids learn while having fun. Coordination is also something that needs to develop. Everything in martial arts works to balance the left and right hands and feet. Obesity is a huge problem among children and adults. Exercise is part of the answer for this. Habits are easier to build in young children. Martial Arts is a great lifetime sport that kids can enjoy for the rest of their lives. It is also a great way for young children to burn off some of the energy that they seem to always have. Check our schedule for a class.


Mental Benefits


Martial arts helps with many mental benefits for young children. Martial arts teaches courtesy for one. The kids are taught from the beginning how to answer like a black belt. We always answer “Yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, or no ma’am.”  We teach children how to focus their minds and bodies together. You can notice this in how they are able to sit and stand still. Sounds simple, but for young children this is a big struggle. It just needs practice! Social skills such as standing in line and keeping their hands to themselves are also practiced. It sounds like a lot of work! The young children are having so much fun that they never notice all that they are learning. We would love to have you come in and see for yourself! We are located at 12200 Research Blvd. in Austin. TX. Feel free to call us at (512) 257-3333.


Q:  How old does my child have to be to start?

A:  Most 4 year olds are able to start the Little Dragons class. Some children as young as 3 are able to start after a trial class.

Q:  My child is very energetic. Will he be able to handle the class?

A:  Perfect. Our classes are designed to help active children focus that energy in a positive manner. Self control is one of the tenets that we teach daily. We love to teach young children martial arts!

Q:  Will my child become aggressive?

A:  No. The children become more assertive due to improved self confidence while developing respect for adults and other children.