Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has emerged as a sport that takes the best parts of all of the many styles of martial arts and combines them. MMA consistently produces the best conditioned athletes in the world. MMA Fit takes workouts designed for these highly conditioned athletes, and makes them safe and accessible for everyone. MMA Fit is designed to mirror a championship fight. It runs 5 intense 5-minute rounds of kickboxing, ground-n-pound, and conditioning exercises.

The classes are paced so that anyone from a beginner to a professional athlete will be challenged. MMA Fit is great for people of all fitness levels. You can burn over 400 calories in the 30 minute class. The classes use kickboxing, wrestling techniques, jiujitsu, and strength and conditioning to provide the best workout on the planet without getting hit. Burn fat, gain muscle, and have a great time training like the toughest guys in the world!



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