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Martial Arts encompasses the body, mind and spirit to drive success in your children.  Our adult martial arts classes won't just make you safer, stronger and more fit, you will also become more focused, confident. That’s because our classes aren't just about exercise and self-defense, they’re about helping you grow stronger & more focused on the inside.

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Get FIT, fast


Martial arts is an amazing workout. You'll quickly get fitter, leaner, and stronger - within just a few weeks.  Many people see big changes, too, like more toned muscle...more energy...and more balance & coordination.

master self defense


Do you ever feel worried walking around at night? Have you or a close friend experienced physical violence?


We'll give you tools to achieve one goal: to keep you SAFE.  These no-nonsense tactics are fast to learn so you can protect yourself and your loved ones and get to safety after only a few classes.

become stronger on the inside


Our classes will push you past your limits. You'll achieve more than you thought possible. You'll perform techniques that may seem impossible to you when you start.  But sure enough, you'll accomplish a LOT here.  And the more you do, the more you'll believe in yourself, and your confidence will soar.

have fun & meet new people

Our classes involve a lot of intense focus. But we also have a whole lot of fun.

In every class you'll see smiles, laughter, tons of action, friendships being born, and more.


We're big on community support, and having a good time here. Sometimes martial arts is hard. That's why we make sure you also get a good laugh in every now and then.  Come have fun and meet new people!

what are people saying about impact martial arts?

“For the first time in my life I have a flat, toned stomach!”


This is crazy... Even when I let my stomach hang out - I still see the muscles! I didn't even have a stomach like this in my teen years - or in my 20s.


When we go to the beach... Or when I go for a jog and wear a sports bra... I feel GOOD. No more feeling self-conscious or worried about how I look. I just feel great, and energized.

I've honestly never felt better!

- Stacy Gray

“I stood up to a 'tough guy' at the club - and he backed down!'”


Just wanted to let you know the other day I was at the club, and accidentally bumped into this guy. He must've been a little "off" or something because he started yelling and screaming calling me names. I looked him in the eyes and politely said, "Hey, I'm sorry for bumping you man. I'd rather not fight, but if we have to, let's go outside." And I just looked him straight in the eyes.


Normally I would've backed down. But after just a couple months of Martial Arts - I feel like I can defend myself. I'll never back down again.

- James Dolan

"I don't get heated up over the little stuff anymore..."


One of the things we learn in class is not just how to control our bodies - but how to control our minds and emotions too.


I feel now that I have an inner-calm now. It's like nothing can shake me. I'm polite and courteous in situations where I used to sometimes be short with people. I smile genuinely at all of my customers. I'm more appreciative of my family and friends.


This is NOT just learning how to defend yourself. This is learning how to make your life even better. In every way.

- Meagan Moore

"I had no idea what I was capable of...It's so much more than I thought!"

Okay, so for me Martial Arts was hard at first. My body was NOT used to moving that way! Plus the closest to sports I ever came was cheerleading for a month in high school.

But now my body is honestly able to do things I never thought possible. I feel so flexible. And limber. And so full of energy! It's like I wake up and I just want to move, move, move and go do things! I have more energy for my kids, for my job, for my husband, for my friends, and for myself.


This is NOT just learning how to defend yourself. This is learning how to make your life even better. In every way. Do yourself a favor and try it! Seriously! Call me when your life completely changes, for the better.

- Stephanie Parker

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