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Who We Are

About Impact Martial Arts in Austin,

Greg Fisher

Owner and Chief Instructor at Impact Martial Arts in Austin, 6th Degree

Hello and welcome to Impact Martial Arts! We are the premier martial arts school in awesome Austin, Texas… second to none! We are dedicated to providing our students with the most practical and effective self-defense methods available… and have built an outstanding reputation as a result. We specialize in Kid’s Martial Arts, as well as Krava Maga and Fitness Kickboxing for teens and adults.

Because we reach for the stars here, we have many goals, one of which is to create a positive, inspiring training environment where you can learn the true essence of martial arts, its rich philosophy, and effective self-defense techniques for our modern times. 

We are a family-friendly school… one that’s all inclusive and non-intimidating. Impact Martial Arts offers an upbeat environment where you can exercise your body and mind, get incredibly fit and make healthy living a lifestyle now and forever.

We strive to make sure that our staff and students are super helpful and encouraging so you’ll NEVER feel out of place and you’ll create true and lasting friendships with your fellow martial artists. 

And, of course, we do all that and more in a super FUN and EXCITING way!

Our awesome instructors will not only teach you impressive kicks, powerful punches, and epic throws, but our dynamic classes will also EMPOWER you with important values such as honesty, respect, hard work, and determination.

Beginners & All Skill Levels Welcome! Our outstanding instructors take a well-planned approach to teaching beginners that focuses on the basics of martial arts, physical fitness, self-defense and most importantly, FUN. After all…

Martial Arts + Fitness Fun = A Winning Combination!  

We want everyone, especially beginners, to feel comfortable and learn martial arts with ZERO nervousness or any pressure by another student who may want to one up you. We do not tolerate such behavior and any big egos are checked at the door. 

No matter what age, shape, size, or fitness level you are right now, we have a program that will fit your needs, and we are dedicated to helping your reach your goals. You bring the goals list and we’ll handle the details. It’s just that simple. 

Whatever your reason is for visiting our site right now, you are in the right place at the right time. You are entering the world of martial arts that will change your child’s life in amazing ways

We love teaching martial arts and think you’ll LOVE what it does for your whole body, mind and spirit…

  • Get super fit and develop good health habits
  • Develop killer concentration and listening skills
  • Gain tremendous courage and confidence
  • Become more flexible, balanced and coordinated
  • Feel empowered, safe and strong
  • Develop an unstoppable spirit to accomplish great things

Those are PRICELESS benefits that are a lot more affordable than you may think. In fact, we like to call it “affordable excellence.”  

Check out the CRAZY-LOW web special going on right now for instant savings or stop by for a tour of our facility and feel the good energy here! This Special is 100% RISK-FREE and classes fill up FAST so reserve your spot today! 

Martial arts is not a quick and easy discipline to learn, but it’s incredibly fun, REWARDING, and a great way to get fit… and stay fit for life! You'll discover new things about yourself, challenge your body and mind and feel proud of your many accomplishments along the way. 

No matter what age you are, you’ll gain…

  • Powerful self-defense techniques to ward off any bully or attacker
  • Peace of mind safety and protection for yourself and family
  • Everything you need for self-improvement from one central spot

Our state-of-the-art facility appeals to single people, as well as families, who are looking for a safe environment to become the best that they can be. One of our goals is to teach martial arts to as many families as possible, as we firmly believe in its life-changing effects.

We’ve seen so many wonderful changes in our students’ attitude, motivation level, and their physical fitness during our years of teaching. We would love for you to experience those amazing changes too and allow that GIANT within you to rise up and shine forth in every endeavor you take on.

Our knowledgeable and caring instructors will help you and your kids progress physically, mentally and spiritually in order to achieve your full potential. We strive to improve our service to you by educating and training our professional team of instructors on a regular basis. Not only do they talk the talk, they also walk the walk with passion for what they do.

Come see what we’re all about and take advantage of the best prices, the most amazing instructors, and have the most fun you’ve EVER had getting fit! See you soon!  

Head Instructor

Greg Fisher has been training for over 26 years and teaching professionally for over 20 years. Mr. Fisher is currently a 6th Degree Black Belt through the United Taekwon-Do Alliance.

He loves teaching children and adults in order to see them reach their full potential. Our school has served Austin since 2001 and we are very active in our local community. We regularly volunteer at the local schools and other community service groups because we love giving back and paying it forward.

How to Get Started

Come join our Austin, Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Krav Maga, Adult Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts, Birthday Parties, and Kickboxing. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (512) 257-3333 if you have any further questions. Impact Martial Arts hopes to speak with you soon!