Family Martial Arts


Families are the foundation of our school.

The old saying, “the family that kicks together, sticks together” is so true. Family martial arts classes are a great experience!At Impact Martial Arts of Austin, we have many families that enjoy training together and we offer specialfamily martial arts class times where families can all practice together at the same time.  This is a great way for children to bond with their parents and it’s also a great time for mom and dad to get a workout in while their kids are in class (not many activities offer this opportunity).

Parents lead the way

Kids learn more from examples than from words. The way that we live as parents becomes “normal” for the kids.We all want our kids to live healthy lives; the best way to do this is to show them that exercise is important and fun. Children set habits at a young age. Kids with involved parents tend to fare better in school and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. Children whose fathers spend time with them doing activities tend to have better academic performance.Modeling respect, self-discipline and thoughtful understanding helps children develop these attributes. Parents are also really important in stopping bullying.

Team work

The mental balance of the martial arts mindset helps parents be better equipped to deal with the challenges and stress that come with raising even the best of children. What better way to relieve stress than to kick something? Families that train together have a greater chance of achieving their black belts because they have a built in motivational group. The family becomes a team that works together for a common goal. One thing that family martial arts classes do is develop confidence. Confidence comes from success. Our classes are designed to help students find success. Also, as people become physically stronger and in better shape confidence levels go up. This, by itself, can keep your kids from being bullied.


  • Be healthy
  • Develop a strong home team
  • Real self-defense skills
  • Flexible schedule
  • Family Discounts

Flexible Schedule and Family Martial Arts Discounts

Almost all of the classes that we offer are family martial arts classes. This means that you will have many options throughout the week to make class. We understand that scheduling can be hectic and your time is precious, so we have made our schedule as open as possible. We want you to be in class so we can teach you! The family discounts are really good also. It can be really expensive for a family to do anything. We have done what we can to alleviate this some. The first family member is full price, the second is half price, and everyone after that is quarter price. Is it cheap? No, but it is a quality education at a fair price.

As we all know, time spent doing activities together is time well spent.  You’ll develop memories for a lifetime while building a stronger body, improving confidence, and learning valuable self-defense skills. We are ready to train with you and teach your family martial arts. Contact us today for a free class!